Personal Artworks

Personal works that also includes some projects that focus more on Animation.

Fae Wild Trailer Animation

Originally made for my final project during Harper College, this animation is made in mind of a trailer style showcase of a D&D campaign between my sister and I. What’s shown here explores a ‘promise’ of what will happen in the next part of the campaign.

Five of Fools, Session 1; Storyboard

First 30 out of 93 boards featuring the first session of a D&D campaign between my sister and I.

Featuring the first encounter of the two main party members, Karma and Artie. When suddenly there was an attack of these monstrous creatures that broke into the city.

Cassidy & Auburn Sketches

Casual sketches of two original characters. Noting different outfits, heights, and some expressions between the two.

Demo Reel 2022

A collection of projects during the course taken in Harper College. Includes both the full Storyboard project and the Final Animation Protect. Along with other works not listed here

Profile Wreath - June

A personal work featuring a character named June. Holds items that feature her as a character and her story progression.

Let's Create Some Art

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