Article and Image provided by AI Garcia on October 19th, 2023

In August of 2020, there were sights of a brown, raccoon-tail-like dog marking territory near the Chicago suburbs area. Ever since then, people have been warned to keep away from the wild animal. But it was rendered useless when a rather adventurous person encountered the dog and encouraged others to do the same. Unfortunately, there were only a few survivors who lived to tell the tale.

In the current time, there have been signs of another animal similar to the first. Golden in color, yet is noted to be a notorious thief and vandal.

There have been reports of stolen items multiple times since late August 2023 to early September. Simultaneously, there were notes of ‘mysterious’ puddles that happened around the same time. There is no mistaking that the recent reports have been caused by the same thing or the same animal. 

It is small in size for now. But as rangers and scientists have been monitoring this beast, along with the first from 2020, the dog in question will undoubtedly grow quite large. Rangers also noted that this golden boy might grow even larger than the first dark one.

It is important to note that the first rampaging dog has been known to tackle his opponents during hunts and has a rather loud and deep bark. Most did not survive after the encounter. Who knows what the golden one will be capable of? Especially with recent reports of the dog’s actions and behavior, as locals reported.

Luckily, reports state that the golden beast is more ‘tamer’ than the first. But he is known to set the first one off, as if he is challenging him for territory. 

It was only recently that the golden beast was seen outside of his territory, along with the brown one. It is advised for locals to stay indoors or to avoid paths that have been marked as the dogs’ territory. 

Hopefully, the situation will be tamed as time goes on. We can only hope as the rangers and scientists keep monitoring the dogs.

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