Demo Reel 2022

A collection of projects during the course taken in Harper College. Includes both the full Storyboard project and the Final Animation Protect. Along with other works not listed here.

Also note, this course was the first of its kind in Harper College! Everything here is a product of projects done during the first class taken there. I’ve had some experience on some of the programs used here – Adobe Products – thanks to high school. Still, it’s not a beginner course, at least when I was there.

Project 1: Symmetrical Maze

Playing with a still image we’ve made in Photoshop then animating it in Premiere Pro.

I’ve made it symmetrical and easy to solve. But in the video, the user hasn’t figured out the trick yet. Though it’s more interesting to see some struggle than having it rotate in one direction.

Project 2: Everyday Television

A video editing project using commercials from the free public domain.

I wanted to utilize the unintentional creepiness from really old commercials and shows. It wasn’t meant to mean too much of anything, but when showing this off to the class, I got a comment of how it’s inadvertently saying how the ‘government’ might be hypnotizing or doing some weird propaganda about how to act. Through politeness

I also just used some of the clips included because I thought it’s funny.

Project 3: Five of Fools; Session 1; Storyboard

The full version of the Five of Fools; Session 1 Storyboard.

Featuring the get together of the party: Karma the Bard, Artie the Merchant, Albon the Mercenary, Auburn and Cassidy the Bounty Hunters. All came together because of a strange red letter sent to them.

Some parts of the actual session was cut due to time. When presenting to the class, I was praised by how clear  on what I wanted the focus. Like the only other color used is red. Along with how ‘clean’ the art was

Nowadays, I feel parts of this is a bit outdated since the party grown a lot since then. Funny, this was an update to these fools at the time when this was being made.

Project 4: Scaredy Cat Pillow

An animation using Adobe Animate for the first time.

Features a scared pillow and a mischievous bird.

I’ve done a pillow because, in animation, beginner animators practice to try and make expressions out potato bags/pillows. I’ve gotten some praise of how expressive the pillow is and the cuts between shots.

Project 5: Fae Wild Animation

The final project for the course.

I’ve wanted to return to the Five of Fools again, so I’ve made a trailer type animation dedicated to them. Showing the ‘promise’ of what will happen next.

Though I wish that some parts of the trailer were different and longer, I might return to this project someday, maybe with a fresher coat of paint.


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