UX & UI Projects​

Projects that focuses on UX & UI. Most are assignments from Bradley University.

Academy Ready | Prototype

The development process of an app that supports students with the approach of using kinesthetic learning.

UI/UX Evaluation Octopath Traveler II

An assignment evaluating the UI aspects of a subject of our choice. I’ve chosen Octopath Traveler II, since I really liked the game.

Space Monkey Gala Grand Prix

For this poster design, I made an ad of a makeshift Grand Prix that travels throughout the solar system. I was inspired by a vintage space travel ad, so most of the elements were included like the layout and the limited color palette. But of course, I have my own spin on it.

Logo Design

The design process of how I made this website’s logo.

Let's Create Some Art

Interested in some of my stuff? Let’s start designing together!