Space Monkey Gala Grand Prix

Design Process

For this poster design, I made an ad of a makeshift grand prix that travels throughout the solar system. I was inspired by a vintage space travel ad, so most of the elements were included like the layout and the limited color palette. But of course, I have my own spin on it.

I loosely sketched out the racers and their vehicles by hand, then transferred it to the document and adjusted it by hand. I also studied the different vehicles more closely to get a better idea how the vehicles work, even though some parts of it wouldn’t have been shown in the final piece. I’ve sketched out the design of three different vehicles, with the car being the center focus. Since most would think of racing prix with cars in it, the car should be the focus. But, in universe, the prix is poorly put together and chaotic, there’s two other vehicles. They are mostly doing this prix for fun.

There’s a theme of threes throughout the poster; Three racers, three planets, and three overall destinations the race will take place. Originally, I was going to emphases the theme of three more by having each racer be defined by three colors: red, yellow, and blue. But by simplifying the color palette, I had to mix and match the colors between the three. There’s still a main color with the racers, replacing blue with green. But they all share some color with each other, each one having a color more than the others. Also, the planets reflect the main red, yellow, and green colors as well.

I drew space and the white negative space the way it is to convey motion. And it also looks like the car is flying off a cliff, to convey a little bit of the racer’s personality. The other two placed to emphases the layout. Having the motorcyclist more direct towards a planet, while the hoverboarder is cruising along the top. These also convey their personalities a little bit. Since they are racing and going from planet to planet, I want it to be energetic but fun!

For the name’s sake of the poster, I’ve mostly come up with it out of the blue. But sending monkeys to space back in the day, since this is vintage styled, isn’t too far fetch. I kept up with the monkey theme by naming each destination after monkeys. Though I misspelled it to make it look and sound like a futuristic town. The racers’ manager is named after a monkey too, to further the monkey business.

This poster could easily be translated into a Mario Kart-style racing game or a short animation of the race day. But for now, it’s just a poster that advertise a race on a day that doesn’t exist as of right now.

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